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Plumbing Installation


Upon our inspection of your requested work our contractor and plumber can answer some of your basic questions you may have and will give you a sense of whether or not your plumbing can be moved to your desired location, most cases yes along with our master carpentry preparation. We may advise an entirely different approach to saving you money on the plumbing relocation suggested by you to reduce your cost . Our most common plumbing calls have to do with an addition structure design & build, new kitchen/bath remodel or a basement finishing with our concrete and plumbing installation for a basement bathroom and kitchenette. For your bathroom selected utilities it is a good idea for you to do a little research and planning online or in store shopping to familiarize yourself with desired products that fit your budget and you may find you can stay one step ahead of the plumbing installation with having your utilities for a new shower, bathtub/soaker tub, vanity and toilet selected ready for our installation so no time is wasted on your project.

  • Hair is another common factor in many plumbing problems. In most cases, hair can be trapped in some sort of screen or drain cover. You can talk to our plumber next time he’s there and ask about suggested ways to prevent the hair from getting in the drain. It’s much easier to gather hair off the screen periodically than it is to deal with a clogged pipe.
  • Another costly, but preventable, problem is frozen pipes. Make sure that all your pipes are in heated spaces. If any are not, make sure they are well insulated. Each fall, when the weather turns colder, disconnect and drain your garden hoses, turn-off the indoor cut-off valve located near the faucet, and open the outdoor faucet. If there is no cut-off valve, consider installing one. Any water left in pipes exposed to below-zero temperatures will freeze.
  • Bathroom remodels are the smartest way to invest your money. These rooms are where incoming guests, potential buyers, and your family spend a lot of time.

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