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From 2016-2020 Aurelio , Kevin and Alex are the full-time company's team.
Master carpenter, master plumber, master mason and great special trades apprenticeship is all you need for good quality home building and renovation finishing.

Our company has been dedicated to making your house a home for over 24 years. We offer a variety of services that will meet the needs of any homeowner. Foundation, Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Insulation, Drywall, Flooring, Tiling, Doors, Windows, Masonry, Concrete, Landscapes to many more types of installations you can guarantee we have the outside and inside of your home covered. Rest assured that we will always provide top quality services that will exceed all of your expectations. We have a great amount of experience working with homeowners and understand how this time can be exciting also a little bit of a stressful time, you can trust to leave it to us! Here’s our plan for you~within our first hourly appointment together we will lead the way with you and begin to master the best approach to start your home renovation. Our primary focus will be best advising and coordinating with you your intended interests towards your home changes for the planned renovation. During our walk through of the project with you we will start your design layout in mind, identifying the pros and cons to build your desired plans. Our goal is to build you the best saving you time and money. In demonstrating to you our magnitude of experience in the home renovations process  “first steps for our client will be ~Relocating your desired framing and plumbing this will play a big part of your budget and renovation rest assured with our master carpentry and plumbing skill we are able to move these 2 installations wherever you like! With hundreds of home renovations our company has completed the very best advice we can give our clients is “your first move in a renovation is your commitment and trust in us to finally start your building plans! We build right through from the renovations demo process to custom carpentry to the beauty finishings of your choice tiling, flooring, over 64 designs and exotic collection of colours in Quartz, Marble, Granite stone countertops and cabinets installation for your kitchen, bathroom and basement.  All stone products are Canadian made Italian engineered and designed for your dynamic effects with elegancy for lasting impressions. Stone products carry a 15 year limited warranty.

Need to construct a new home or addition to existing home? We have you covered with our highly skilled designers, certified architects and engineers to meet with all your City Building Code requirements. 

 Why choose us? With nearly 25 years of home building and renovation experience here in Ottawa we’ve built an integrated team of trusted design professionals, engineers, architects, renovation carpenters, specialty tradesmen, and a broad network of material and product suppliers, working together like a family. Our quality of service and products come at affordable prices that will help you meet any budget. Contact or call us today to discover that low prices are not only part of our name, it’s our business!

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