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Essence 54″ x 30″ Soaker Bathtub

Essence 54″ x 30″ Soaker Bathtub

$858.00 $758.00 sale

Essence 54″ x 30″ alcove bathtub with chrome bypass sliding door (right side drain)

Short on space? We’ve got the solution for you! Get all the advantages of a tub-shower in your small bathroom thanks to this 54″ x 30″ alcove bathtub and door set. The bathtub features a simple 21.5-inch high apron and a rectangular 17-inch deep basin with rounded corners. Having its drain and overflow (not included) on the right side, the bathtub is made of fibreglass-reinforced acrylic and the 59-inch high door includes two 8mm thick clear glass panels. Optimizing your space to the maximum, the door opens on both sides and the horizontal bar-type handles can also be used as a towel bar. Featuring a versatile linear design, this 54″ x 30″ bathtub and bath door set is a superb choice for your small bathroom!




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